Epidemiologist: COVID passes ‘pointless’, decision is ‘scandalous’

NEWS 23.10.2021 13:56
Source: N1

Introducing the COVID passes in the way that Serbian authorities did it is a symbolic measure that will not impact the number of infections with the coronavirus, epidemiologist Zoran Radovanovic told N1.

Speaking in N1’s show Novi dan, Radovanovic said that this was a “scandalously” passed measure.

Commenting on Prime Minister Ana Brnabic’s statement that she “does not believe in the measures,” the expert said he could agree if she referred to the “pointless” measures that she introduced.

He assessed that a greater part of the population “has no idea how tragic is what is happening in the fifth (pandemic) wave.”

According to him, this was a matter of “mass murder” and of “how much longer it will be tolerated.”

Radovanovic also said that the authorities first decided not to impose any measures “in order not to irritate the citizens – while their deaths do not matter,” and then they decided to introduce those that make no sense.

Serbian Government introduced COVID passes this week for entering indoor cafes and restaurant, and the decision is coming into effect on Saturday as of 10 p.m. The new regulation sparked protests in the capital Belgrade, with citizens saying they fight for their freedom of movement.


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