Environmentalists: Major ecological accident in eastern Serbia on Monday

NEWS 25.08.2021 13:28
Source: Shutterstock

The Alliance 90 / Serbia's Greens said on Wednesday that an environmental accident of enormous proportions happened in the eastern town of Bor two days ago when the Chinese Zijin company restarted production after the summer holiday. .

The pollution started immediately after the restart of overhauled smelters and sulfuric acid factories.

The Alliance said Bor was again coloured in black on all online maps measuring the pollution.

„The reason for the new pollution is inadequate plant capacity for purifying air emissions of sulfur dioxide from the smelter for the full processing of the ore concentrate that Zijin wants to achieve,“ the Alliance added.

It appealed to the respective ministries and Bor Mayor to respect the Constitution and enable Bor people normal life in a non-polluted environment.

Environmentalists in Serbia have been warning about Zijin Copper Bor’s disrespecting of ecology and polluting the area.

Last October, an economic court the company and the manager of its Copper Smelting and Refining plant Boban Todorovic were guilty of violating the law by allowing the plant to release excessive levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) into the air in Bor on four occasions in November 2019 and January 2020 and punished them with less than 4,000 euros.

According to the Environment Ministry, which launched the court proceedings, the levels of SO2 were more than eight times higher than permitted by law