Environmentalist protest in western Serbia: ‘Serbia Is not for Sale’

NEWS 02.02.2022 22:46
savo manojlović valjevo n1
Source: N1

''Serbia Is Not for Sale' slogan dominated another environmentalist protest in western Serbia on Wednesday night, organised by the ''Go-Change'' Initiative against lithium mining.

Savo Manojlovic, the head of the Initiative told the crowd in the town of Valjevo that a memorandum on the exploitation of lithium and boron in Serbia should be introduced before the dissolution of the Parliament later this month ahead of the April elections in the country.

In the Valjevo area, the Canadian ‘Euro Lithium Balkan’ company geological testing is underway. the Anglo-Australian Rio Tinto is present in the western Loznica area.

Manojlovic said on Tuesday that the 20-year moratorium was not enough and that people living in the potential Rio Tinto lithium mine in western Serbia wanted a total ban instead.

He announced a new protest in Belgrade, outside the Presidency building, at 7 pm on Thursday.


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