‘Environmental uprising’ starts in Belgrade on Saturday, 13 requests to Govt.

NEWS 09.04.2021 16:39
ekoloski aktivisti
Source: N1

The representatives of 'Defend Stara Mt. Rivers' and the Parliament of Free Serbia movements listed on Friday 13 requests to Serbia's Government summarising what it should do to protect the environment ahead of the planned 'Environmental Uprising' protest in Belgrade on Saturday.

Over 70 organisations from Serbia and the region have so far supported the rally and the organisers said they would respect all anti-epidemic measures.

Professor Zoran Radovanovic, an epidemiologist, said Serbia was „furthest from Europe and „its environmental standards. It will be more expensive than 34 other requests on the road to the European Union. It’s a sum much higher than everything that has been stolen in this country.“

Some of the requests to Serbia’s Government include the respect of the Constitution and laws; the adjustment of regulations with the environmental standards; citizens’ participation in decisions on ecological issues; protection of nature; the suspension of construction and revision of harmful small hydropower plants projects; the conservation of water resources; responsible waste management; clean air and comprehensive sustainable development.