Environmental protest takes place in Gornji Milanovac

NEWS 09.01.2022 16:57
Source: N1/Milan Nikić

Hundreds of people gathered for an environmental protest in the City Park in Gornji Milanovac over concerns about the state of their environment, as well as the lack of publicly available information on pollution problems and consequences.

The gathering was organized by the Civic Initiatives „Trn“, „Eko straza“ and „Nevdjani“.

„The citizens of Gornji Milanovac feel that their environment is endangered in many ways and they are afraid that the environment has become an ecological black spot on the map of Serbia. We know that there are those among us who are worried about the quality of the air, because we don’t have to be experts to notice that the air stings the eyes and irritates the throat,” protesters said.

The gathering was held two hours before the beginning of the meeting of the Environmental Uprising and the Association of Environmental Organizations of Serbia (SEOS) regarding the plan for further protest activities regarding Rio Tinto and other companies.


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