Energy Minister: Electricity, natural gas prices to increase as of January 1

NEWS 21.11.2022 10:21
Source: Shutterstock

Serbia’s Mining and Energy Minister Dubravka Djedovic confirmed that the price of electricity will increase by less than 10 percent and that of natural gas by 11 percent starting 2023.

According to the calculations of the Serbian power company (EPS), the average household electricity bill will increase by roughly 300 Dinar (1 Euro – 118 Dinar), said the Serbian state TV (RTS).

The last electricity price increase, of 6.5 percent, was on September 1.

The price of natural gas in Serbia will go up by 11 percent starting next year, while the last time that gas prices increased was in August, by 9 percent.

“Gas in Serbia is currently among the cheapest for the industry and the third most affordable in Europe for households,” Minister Djedovic wrote on her Instagram account.

The state will continue subsidizing the price of electricity, so our price of electricity will be among the lowest in Europe, Djedovic said.