Energy minister accuses Pristina of selling Serbia’s property

Source: Tanjug / Strahinja Aćimović

Serbian Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic on Wednesday accused the authorities in Pristina of selling parts of the Kosovo power grid which she claims are owned by Serbia.

A statement from her cabinet quoted the minister as saying that the Kosovo power company (KOSTT) falsely certified itself on Serbia’s property and then sold it. “It sold the distribution system, that is the network owned by Serbia, to a Turkish operator,” she said adding that the authorities in Pristina are also claiming that the mainly Serb populated areas of northern Kosovo owe KOSTT 17 million Euro.

“The 17 million Euro debt claimed by KOSTT up to December 2020 is a lie because the power supply to the north was directly from Serbia up to December,” she said commenting KOSTT claims that it would no longer cover the power bills of the four Serb majority municipalities in the north of Kosovo. Mihajlovic said that is the most brutal form of pressure on the Kosovo Serbs. “The goal is to leave the Serbs without electricity and in debts … and tell them once more that they are not welcome in their fake state,” she said.