Donation by Serbian UNIFIL troops to monastery in Lebanon

NEWS 18.01.2022 09:56
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane

Serbian UNIFIL troops donated a video projector and tablet to the Orthodox Christian monastery in Deir Mimas, south of Lebanon’s capital Beirut.

The monastery is located in the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon’s sector where the Army of Serbia (VS) has deployed an infantry company, the Serbian Defense Ministry said in a press release. The funds for the donation came from Serbian troops in the 22nd VS contingent with UNIFIL. The previous contingent made a similar donation to the Orthodox Christian school at Marjayoun.

The VS initially deployed troops with UNIFIL in December 2010. The infantry company is part of the Spanish battalion with some VS staff officers and support elements in Sector East as well as a security platoon with the Italian contingent in Sector West.

The Defense Ministry press release said that the VS contingent has won the trust and respect of UN personnel, contingents from partner countries and the local population.