Doctor says Serbian COVID hospitals swamped

NEWS 02.04.2021 11:02
Source: N1

Serbian Crisis Team doctor Branislav Tiodorovic warned on Friday that the country’s hospitals have been swamped with COVID patients and added that the current anti-pandemic measures should not be eased until the situation changes.

Tiodorovic told Belgrade daily Politika that there are many more coronavirus cases than have been registered. He said that people with mild symptoms are not getting tested to avoid having to self-isolate.

According to him, the Crisis Team needs a psychologist, sociologist and communicologist. “A communicologist is important because they know who to communicate information and not all doctors and politicians on the team know this,” he said and added that it’s important to talk to people on the ground and hear their views. The doctor said that a good campaign is needed to convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated.