Djukanovic: No one ever decided on when I would withdraw from politics

NEWS 05.07.2022 19:10

Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said that no one ever decided on when he would withdraw from politics, Beta reported.

Responding to a reporter who inquired about his retirement from politics, Djukanovic said that “for the thousandth time” he will repeat the answer that he hopes will put an end “to the irresponsible and political media babbling.”

“No one ever decided in my name if or when I would get into politics, for how long I would stay in it, when I would withdraw of my own will, and when I would return to it. It is the same today. So this way if I need to I want to tell all those why idly engage in this work that their each recommendation on what I should do only additionally stimulates me to do the very opposite of what they want,” said Djukanovic following the opening of Business Talks between Montenegro and the Republic of San Marino in Podgorica.

Citing sources from Brussels, the Montenegrin daily Vijesti recently said that Djukanovic promised top European Union (EU) leaders that he would withdraw from politics on condition he is allowed to do it on his terms.

Djukanovic said that, if he is an obstacle to Montenegro’s faster EU integration, he is ready to take a step back and withdraw from power, but he asked that he be allowed to step down from the political scene with dignity and in his own way, said a source from one of the leading EU members, Vijesti reported.