Djilas: Serbia’s greatest interest is to follow EU and not remain isolated

NEWS 29.05.2022 14:28
Source: N1

The Leader of the opposition Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Djilas, stated that Serbia’s greatest interest is not to remain isolated and to join the European Union policy on the issue of imposing sanctions on Russia.

Djilas told TV Prva that he did not change his position that sanctions leave catastrophic consequences for ordinary people and do not affect the leaders. He added that he believes they will not lead to an end to the war, but that the whole of Europe has taken the same position, even some countries which are always neutral and it is not good that Serbia remained the only one isolated.

„We have to think about what is good for Serbia. We should not pursue a policy in the interest of Europe, the United States, Russia, nor China, but to see what is in the interest of Serbia. Our interest is that Serbia does not remain an isolated country,“ Djilas noted.

He stated that the Union has made mistakes regarding Serbia in the last 30 years, but that 300,000 people work in EU companies, that Serbia has the largest economic exchange with the EU, and that it will not be able to enter the capital market without measures.


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