Djilas: Regime working on weakening the opposition

NEWS 08.08.2022 11:54
Source: N1

The regime has been working on weakening the opposition for ten years now, but it is not the only one responsible for our rifts, the responsibility also lies with the oppositions members, Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) leader Dragan Djilas said.

“We did not respond to the attacks, what would be better in Serbia if we did. Who would have been happy if we did, the opposition voters or the tabloids and regime representatives,” Djilas said in an interview with the portal

Commenting on the coming winter, Djilas said there will be more inflation than necessary, less heating and electricity than necessary and just enough food but less money to buy it with.

He explained that the printing of dinars, loans and overpaid projects are responsible for the inflation, which is local and not imported as the government says.

He said the disastrous personnel policy at the republic and local level is the reason why big state companies and systems are collapsing. Coal and electricity prices are higher than in the past few decades and, instead of exporting them we are importing them because the Serbian power company (EPS), as a system, has been destroyed.

Asked what he would do if he were in a position to make the decisions, Djilas said he would stop printing money and taking out new loans, give up on some expensive projects that are not necessary and invest in domestic small and medium-sized companies by reducing levies.

In order to have healthy relations not just within the opposition but in the society in general, it would be useful “for us in the opposition to show that we are different from the people who are part of the regime,” Djilas said. “By our behavior, ideas, the words that we use, tolerance, readiness to admit mistakes,” he said, adding that, “if we criticize most regime representatives for their lack of knowledge and education, then each of us should say what we did in life.”

Those under 30 should say what schools they finished, the older ones what their achievements in life are. Everyone should say where they work, what they do for a living, because what we have done in life is what guarantees to the people that we will deliver what we say we will when we come to power, Djilas said.