Djilas: Opposition will stand a better chance in new Belgrade elections

NEWS 09.08.2022 10:11
Source: n1

Opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) leader Dragan Djilas said he is certain the opposition will stand a better chance in the new Belgrade elections than in the April vote because it is obvious that Belgrade is “falling apart”.

“New elections, new strategy. We are seriously preparing in the SSP, holding talks within the party and with people from the outside who have shown that they know what Belgrade needs,” Djilas said in an interview with, adding that he will be involved in the new elections far more than in the April vote, Beta reported.

The opposition leader said his April meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic led to the decision on new Belgrade elections as the only possible solution to the political crisis and added that the fact that some people “do not want to admit” that this meeting made sense and claim that there will be no new elections “is just another proof of frivolity and irresponsibility.”

“Not to mention those saying that Vucic will call the elections only if he is certain that he will win. And what are we going to tell our voters when he does this? How do we convince them to vote in elections that some people from the opposition said, in advance, that we will not win? I better stop here…,” Djilas said.

He said the situation in Serbia “is even more difficult” than that before October 5, 2000 but that time will show that this government is incapable of solving a single essential problem and that people will turn to those maybe less skilled in political shenanigans and marketing, yet proven to know how to work.

“Because when a ship is sinking, the passengers no longer look at whether the captain is handsome and if his uniform looks good on him, but whether he knows how to save the ship and bring the passengers to shore,” Djilas said.