Djilas: No word from Vucic

NEWS 07.04.2022 22:36
Source: N1

Serbian opposition leader Dragan Djilas told N1 on Thursday that he had not spoken to President Aleksandar Vucic to discuss a repeat of the elections in Belgrade.

“Of course I haven’t. I made the suggestion and I expect to get a reply. I think that in a normal country, the authorities and opposition talk. This conversation did not happen, not because of the opposition but because of the authorities,” The Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) leader said on N1’s 360 Degrees talk show.

Speaking on the Serbian state TV (RTS) later Vucic said that he would meet with Djilas or anyone else in the opposition.

According to Djilas, the April 3 elections were irregular. “These elections were irregular, unfair and dishonest,” he said and added that fresh elections are the only solution to the crisis.

Djilas rejected any possibility of cooperation with Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). “Cooperation is not possible. We are the strongest opposition and we were the greatest critics of the authorities in the past few years,” he added.


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