Djilas: EU stand on Serbia hypocritical at times

NEWS 03.10.2022 21:58
Source: N1

Opposition leader Dragan Djilas told N1 on Monday that the European Union’s attitude towards Serbia was hypocritical in many cases.

He said the EU looked away from events in Serbia even though they were about the values the Union is based on.

“Ending the negotiations is not punishment for the authorities but for us the citizens because it takes us further away and increases the number of people opposed to EU membership,” he told N1.

“Do not punish Serbia and the people living in it who want to live like people in the EU,” he said, adding that his Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) thinks an end to the accession talks is a disaster.

He warned that the authorities are formally advocating EU membership but added that it’s clear from campaign statements that the majority in power wants to continue the same policies that have been in place for 20 years. “We have a stagnation in integration and someone in Brussels is pretending not to see it.

Djilas said that he has no understanding for the authorities who caused problems for themselves and Serbia. “We chose to give the people concrete solutions for price control, agriculture, education and we them to vote for us and not against Vucic,” he said.