Director of „Belgrade Power Plants“: Serbia should build a nuclear power plant


The director of the public utility company "Belgrade Power Plants," Rade Basta, stated that Serbia should build a nuclear power plant, in order to ensure a stable supply of electricity, and proposed that the Government of Serbia establish the National Atomic Energy Corporation.

In a written statement, Basta also suggested that Serbia abolish the Moratorium, train staff, and develop the production of electricity in nuclear power plants.

„We need to build the first nuclear power plant to replace a coal-fired thermal power plant with units of 1,000 megawatts or a modular one with smaller units of 350 megawatts each,“ Basta said.

According to him, the modular units are suitable for integrated management with work with other power plants with wind and solar plants, as well as gas, hydrogen and other sources.

Stating that nuclear power plants are the basis for the stability of supply along with water, wind, sun, hydrogen and gas power plants, Basta pointed out that the technical support should be the EU and the USA, ie partners from the West who are ready to enter such a project with Serbia.



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