Demostat claims Belgrade changing status of Serbian-Russian humanitarian center

NEWS 20.06.2022 12:57
Source: N1

The Demostat research center said on Monday that the Serbian authorities are planning to change the status of the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Center in the southern city of Nis as the first step to abolishing it.

Demostat did not provide a source for the claim. It said that the decision should be taken once the new government is formed. “The decision comes after increasingly loud requests for Serbia to align with European Union foreign police and impose sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and end cooperation with the Russians in that humanitarian center in southern Serbia,” it said.

The center said that the outgoing government refused to give an official comment on its plans with the center and what the alleged change of status would mean.

According to an N1 source, foreign firefighter/rescue personnel are currently undergoing training at the center.

The center was formed in 2012 to provide assistance during natural disasters and emergency situations but has been accused of being used by the Russians for intelligence gathering. The Russian authorities requested but were never granted diplomatic status for its personnel in the center.