Decani Monastery says it is endangered

NEWS 11.07.2022 13:03
Source: N1

The Decani Monastery in Kosovo said that the “group referring to itself as ‘the Decani historians’” is constantly engaged in slandering, and that the four armed attacks on this monastery and the fact that it is denied its rights prove that it is endangered, Beta reported.

The Monastery reacted to the claim of the Ali Hadri League of Kosovo Historians that the decision of the Europa Nostra organization to include the monastery in its list of endangered monuments is „out of place“.

Ali Hadri said that the monastery has always been guarded by local Albanians, that the Kosovo police should be the one in charge of its safety and that the monastery is endangered “only by the malicious policy of monastery prior Sava Janjic”.

The Ali Hadri League is also against the implementation of the Kosovo Constitutional Court’s ruling regarding the monastery’s land.

“We strongly condemn the position of the head of Decani Monastery, prior Sava Janjic, who demands the implementation of the illegal and unconstitutional ruling of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, a ruling based on the laws from the Milosevic era, which, as such, should not be implemented because it will produce a domino effect, that is, it will set a dangerous precedent for Kosovo as there are dozens of political churches in Kosovo built by the Serbian state from 1989 to 1999, said the Ali Hadri League.