Dacic: When the opposition doesn’t get its way, it complains to EP members

NEWS 06.03.2021 14:49
Ivica Dačić
Source: Tanjug/ Sava Radovanović

The President of Serbia’s National Assembly, Ivica Dacic, said that the members of the European Parliament who mediate in the inter-party dialogue before the elections "will certainly not be those determining" who he will invite for talks.

Speaking about the upcoming talks on Pink TV, Dacic compared the opposition in Serbia to a „spoiled child“.

„You have a spoiled child who is used to getting everything, and when he doesn’t get something, he immediately calls mom and dad, and those are European parliamentarians,“ Dacic said.

He also said that he expects the EP members to try to “impose something” which he argued should not be accepted.

“That will not happen, I’m saying it now, so we don’t waste our time,” he said.


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