Dacic: We condemn violence in USA but intl community’s hypocrisy is obvious

NEWS 09.01.2021 16:31
Source: N1 (arhiva)

Speaker of the Parliament of Serbia Ivica Dacic said Serbia condemned the violence during the recent riots in Washington, but that the “hypocrisy” of the international community is obvious in this case.

Speaking to Pink TV, Dacic said Serbia wished the transition of government in the USA goes smoothly and that cooperation with official Washington continues.

“We respect the will of (American) people, and it is important to have some principles here. We are witnessing that dual standards motivate some people, especially political parties hiding behind boycott of elections, who condemn violence in Washington and they were organisers of violence in Belgrade,” he stressed.

Dacic also said Serbia condemned every violent attempt to enter the state institution but that this principle should apply on all countries.

“Serbia stands firmly with RS”

Speaking of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1991-95), the official said the conflict emerged because the equality of three peoples was undermined, adding that this is why it is of utmost importance to preserve the peace despite the occasional mention of the annulment of the Dayton Peace Agreement and establishing of a unitary Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He congratulated January 9, which is marked as the Day of the Republika Srpska in this semi-autonomous Serb-majority region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, assessing that “some factors in Sarajevo are disputing this day, especially those who wish to abolish this Serb entity in BiH.”

“Serbia stands firmly with RS, we support special relations in line with the Dayton Agreement and we will do everything to develop our relations as well as economic development of RS,” he stressed, adding that good relations with Sarajevo and BiH are also in interest of Serbia.


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