Dacic on alleged non-paper on WB: We do not support ideas that cause instability

NEWS 18.04.2021 14:45

Commenting on the alleged non-paper on redrawing borders in the Western Balkans, which was recently published by Slovenian media, Serbia’s National Assembly President, Ivica Dacic, said on Sunday that his country opposes any ideas that would produce instability in the region and respects the integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The document, published on Thursday by the Slovenian news portal necenzurirano.si, proposes Kosovo joining Albania and annexing parts of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska (RS) entity to Serbia while the country’s mostly Croat-populated parts would be annexed to Croatia.


According to the Slovenian news portal, the country’s PM, Janez Jansa, sent the document to Brussels. Jansa, however, denies this.

Dacic told TV Prva that he has not seen the document, but argued that, while the idea in the controversial documents on Bosnia’s RS entity joining Serbia was widely condemned, there was little reaction to it proposing the idea of a ‘Greater Albania’.

„We do not support ideas that would cause additional instability, we respect the integrity of BiH, as long as Dayton (Peace Agreement) is respected,“ Dacic said.


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