Dacic: MEPs interested in opposition, we won’t play that game

NEWS 11.04.2021 13:48
Ivica Dačić
Source: Tanjug/ Sava Radovanović

Serbia's Assembly speaker Ivica Dacic, said that representatives of the European Parliament, who are mediators in talks on electoral conditions between the authorities and the opposition, the most interested in the “boycotting opposition" and the groups around the leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dragan Djilas, and even the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDS) Boris Tadic.

„It seems to me that Djilas and the team expect the European representatives to agree with them on what is needed and to present their demands as the demands of the European Parliament. We will not talk to them in that way,“ Dacic told K1 television.

He stated that the opinion of political parties such as the Serbian Radical Party (SRS), the Enough is Enough movement (DJB), and the Serbian Patriotic Union (SPAS), who do not want the presence of international representatives must be taken into account.

Dacic reiterated that the MEPs will start talks with non-parliamentary parties on April 19, that they will inform him of this in May, after which they will gather and discuss what needs to be done.

He assessed the opposition’s announcement that they will boycott the elections again if the conditions do not change after the upcoming talks, as a threat.

Political scientist: Serbia does not have an opposition candidate who could defeat Vucic

Political scientist Nikola Parun believes that Serbia does not currently have an opposition candidate who could defeat the current president Aleksandar Vucic in the elections and that such a person would have to come from the sidelines, „it will have to be someone from the world of sports, culture, art, someone big enough, who has nothing to do with the SNS and who will join the opposition in full capacity.“ He added that Serbia currently has at least two strong opposition leaders – Vuk Jeremic and Dragan Djilas, „but not strong enough to gather all the dissatisfied or the entire opposition.“

„Due to the ballast of their past, it is difficult for them to cross that psychological threshold of 20 to 25 percent. When I say ballast, I don’t necessarily mean that they killed someone or were corrupt, but I think that most of Serbia see them that way. The problem for them is that those who could be part of the corps of opposition voters also see them that way,“ Parun told N1.


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