Cultural bridge in the Balkans – L’opera on the Serbian National Theatre

NEWS 22.11.2022 18:29
Source: M. Erdelji

The event International Opera Days, and especially the panel discussion Musical Bridges, resounded beyond Serbia’s borders, said the Serbian National Theater. The event is still talked about both in the art and in the creative world, as described in a lengthy article in one of the world’s most famous magazines on opera, the Italian L’opera.

L’opera is one of the leading world magazines on this art form, which began publishing over seven decades ago, explained the general manager of the Serbian National Theater, Aleksandar Stankov.

With its performance, the Theatre’s Opera stands shoulder to shoulder with world opera houses, said Stankov. He explained that L’opera wrote about the Opera of the oldest Serbian theater in a three-page article, giving special attention to the first conference of this kind, held in the city of Novi Sad – Musical Bridges.

„It was a very interesting day that brought a fruitful cultural exchange between institutions and a concrete proposal for future cooperation on co-productions of installations, a cultural bridge between European countries,“ said L’opera.

During the international opera days in October this year, representatives of theatres from the region and Western Europe agreed to do big and important opera co-productions starting next season, and to organized the exchange of artists between theaters. Another important novelty is the establishment of a unique platform for the promotion of artists abroad that will include a database on artists, and the formation of a regional opera alliance.

“I absolutely stand behind everything I said in the interview with this magazine. The decision to start building musical bridges, outside our region as well, stems from the natural demands of the times that we live in,” Stankov added.

The magazine L’opera is one of the leading magazines on the world of opera music. Though based in Italy, the magazine is published worldwide and has readers in at least 65 countries.