Croatia-based NGO says Zagreb preventing exhumations

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The Veritas Documentation and Information Center said on Monday that the Croatian authorities are preventing the exhumation of dozens of known grave sites containing the remains of Serbs killed during the war of the 1990s.

The Croatia-based NGO said in a press release that those grave sites have not been exhumed “solely because of obstruction by the Croatian side”.

on Missing Persons Day that 1,858 people are still missing in Croatia. It said that 1,572 people from what was the Republic of Serb Krajina (RSK) during the war are still missing, including 1,127 civilians and 442 women.

“A total of 1,633 remains of Serbs have been exhumed from individual and mass graves over the past 20 years,” it said and added that some of those exhumations were organized by the families. The press release said that 1,251 remains have been identified and 382 are waiting for identification.