Criminal complaint filed against 14 people over accident in the Soko mine

NEWS 13.08.2022 15:45
Rudnik Soko, nesreća u rudniku Soko, nastradali radnici, rudari
Source: N1

Serbia’s Ministry of Mining and Energy submitted a criminal complaint to the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Nis against 14 persons it considers responsible for the accident at the mine ‘Soko’ which left eight miners dead and 20 injured, State Secretary Jovanka Atanackovic said.

„We have filed a criminal complaint against 14 persons whom we believe are responsible, because the work was carried out on the basis of incorrect and invalid documentation, for their inaction or for them acting contrary to the regulations on the night when the accident occurred in the Soko mine,” she said.

She said the ministry believes that there are indications that those accused ordered the preparation of the Technical Mining Project based on the supplementary and main mining project for which they did not have the approval of the relevant ministry or had approvals that have expired.

Her statement also said that all the information with documentation and audio recordings available to the ministry about the accident in the Soko mine, including the statements of the mining inspector, were forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Aleksinac previously completed the investigation into the accident in the Soko mine and established that there are no grounds for criminal prosecution.


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