Criminal charges for driver who hit woman during roadblock protest in Serbia

Source: N1

The organisers of the environmentalists' roadblocks of a motorway in central-western Serbia said on Tuesday they would file criminal charges against a driver who hit a woman trying to push his way through people.

One of the environmental activists, Aleksandar Jovanovic, said the event on Monday could not be considered an accident, especially since recently an official of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) from the western town of Cacak threatened protesters saying there were people ready to break up protests.

„It is a consequence of the blinding hatred that is spreading among the people. Is it normal for someone to think that he can knock down and trample on people who are protesting peacefully without punishment,“ Jovanovic said.

The woman was not seriously hurt but was extremely upset. The man said he did not hit her but just pushed her with his car.

He added that people should think carefully about what would happen once the law was reintroduced in Serbia.

„Let everyone who attacked the citizens with excavators, cars, hammers, iron bars and wooden slats be sure that they will be prosecuted and that they will end up in prison,“ Jovanovic warned.

He said that the protests’ organisers had all the information „about the perpetrators and thugs who beat and hurt the people. Criminal charges are being filed against them, and they will have to answer for their misdeeds.“


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