Cramon: EC report tends “to give something to Serbia’s President ahead of poll

NEWS 28.10.2021 16:17
Source: N1

MEP Viola von Cramon-Taubadel said in Belgrade on Thursday the European Commission (EC) job was not to sound positive in its report on Serbia's progress to the Union and "give something to Serbia's President before the elections."

„(Report) has the signature of the Hungarian commissioner (European Commissioner for Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi). And as I said earlier, there is a tendency to give something to Serbia’s President (Aleksandar Vucic) before the elections. That is normal and okay, but that is not the job of the Commission,“ she told journalists and added the report still had a lot of critical points and was realistic.

Von Cramon is on a visit to Serbia to support the countries’ environmentalist’s petition.

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„If you have critical remarks regarding the current situation, how can you finally have an idea to open clusters. We need to discuss this in the coming weeks. I see many signs of scepticism among my colleagues in the Parliament, „she Von Cramon said.


She added that the Government’s treatment of the media, which did not favour it, and anyone with different opinions, was unacceptable.

Few member states, Von Cramon said, were aware of the situation in the Western Balkans, so there was no interest in enlargement. „That must change.“

„If we are more present and if we know what’s happening, we can understand better. If we are not interested, it is normal to have frustration in countries that want to join. Some countries make progress but are pushed into the same basket as those that don’t make it. The whole region is seen as a hopeless case,“ she said.

Answering the question about the potential agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, she said that the development of the situation in the dialogue depended exclusively on Serbia and Kosovo but did not expect any progress before the elections in Serbia next spring.


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