Council of Europe body says Serbia not conforming to European Social Charter

NEWS 25.03.2021 21:49
Source: N1

The European Committee of Social Rights said in its latest conclusions that the situation in Serbia is not in conformity with the European Social Chapter in eight of 14 areas examined in 2020, the Council of Europe (CoE) said on Thursday.

It said that Serbia was among 33 CoE member states covered in the report.

Fourteen provisions were examined in respect of Serbia in 2020, in eight out of them the Committee found that the situation in Serbia was not in conformity with the European Social Charter, and in respect of the other six provisions the Committee needs further information in order to examine the situation. The Committee considers that the absence of the information requested amounts to a breach of the reporting obligation entered into by Serbia under the Revised Social Charter,” the press release said.

The Committee said that Serbia was not in conformity with the European Social Charter on Freely undertaken work , Vocational guidance, training and rehabilitation, Vocational training and retraining of adult workers, Vocational training for persons with disabilities, Integration and participation of persons with disabilities in the life of the community and Right to equal opportunities and equal treatment in matters of employment and occupation without discrimination on the grounds of sex. It deferred its conclusions on Policy of full employment, Technical and vocational training; access to higher technical and university education, Long term unemployed persons, Simplifying existing formalities and reducing dues and taxes, Right of nationals to leave the country and Right to protection in case of dismissal because it was not given access to information that it requested.


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