Commemoration of WW2 deportation of Jews in Zrenjanin

NEWS 18.08.2022 14:13
Source: Shutterstock

Wreaths were thrown into the Begej river on Thursday during a commemoration for Jewish WW 2 victims in the Zrenjanin area of northern Serbia.

Virtually the entire Jewish population of the city was taken to concentration camps in Belgrade on August 18, 1941. Barges were used to transport more than 1,200 Jewish residents of the city, leaving just 38 of them in their homes.

Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia President Aleksandar Albahari said that the ceremony pays tribute to all the victims who were deported and killed just for being Jews. “We all say don’t let this be repeated but we have to work on that, we have to educate young people to recognize the new face of evil which never sleeps so they can react on time so that this really is never repeated,” he said.

The commemoration was attended by representatives of Jewish communities, Holocaust survivors, Zrenjanin city officials and residents.