Citizens angered with images of murder victims broadcast on 13 TV channels

NEWS 07.03.2021 11:37
Source: Twitter / @NikolaLaki3

The images of the mutilated bodies, believed to be victims of Veljo Belivuk’s criminal group, which Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin presented to the public on Saturday, were shown on 13 TV channels in Serbia and this angered people who took to social media to condemn such actions by the authorities.

„Every dictator dreams of shutting down the entire nation and for only his picture to pop up on all TV channels,“ one Twitter user posted, along with a photo of 13 TV channels showing an image of Vucic.


Vucic’s and Vulin’s move was assessed as an attempt to promote themselves and improve their rating using methods that are inappropriate for that state officials and that it was inappropriate for TV channels with a national frequency to show the images.

Before presenting the photographs, Minister Vulin warned parents several times that children should be removed from the room as they should not see them on TV.

The issue of protecting the identities of the victims, which was promised to their families, is also an issue that caused concern – although the faces of the victims were hidden in the photos, certain marks on their bodies that may make them identifiable could be seen.


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