Chinese nationals ordered out of Serbia

NEWS 27.09.2022 13:25
Bor, Borski basen, rudnik, iskopina, Zijin,
Source: Shutterstock

A court in the eastern Serbian city of Bor ordered eight Chinese nationals out of the country following a bar fight.

The local news portal said that the Basic Court in Bor ordered the expulsion of the Honda construction company workers because of the fight at a local bar. A security video showed them using sticks to hit each other, inflicting serious injuries on at least one of them.

Prosecutors charged them with violent behavior and charged one Chinese man with attempted extortion. That man was ordered into house arrest for a year before being expelled. The other seven will be expelled immediatelly.

The city of Bor is known for the copper mining and smelting complex which has been taken over by the Chinese Zijin.