Chief of General Staff: Mandatory military service a long-term solution

NEWS 25.04.2021 14:05
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane

Chief of the General Staff of the Army of Serbia Milan Mojsilovic said that serving mandatory military service in the conditions of military neutrality is a long-term solution that would satisfy the needs of a peacetime and wartime army, adding that this is his personal opinion and the stance of the General Staff.

“Of course, the decision on reinstating the mandatory military service is not solely a military matter but it requires a broader consensus,” Mojsilovic told Politika daily.

Regardless of the decision, the professional soldiers will still be the main support to the command and units in performing the mission and tasks of the Army of Serbia, he added.

Mojsilovic also announced that the Army members will hold a joint military exercise with the Armed Forces of the USA in September, as well as a trilateral exercise ‘Slovene brotherhood’ with the armed forces of Russia and Belarus, and a bilateral exercise ‘Aviator brotherhood of Russia and Serbia – BARS’.


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