Chief Milenkovic asks police heads for permission to address the public

NEWS 04.07.2022 17:51
Source: MUP Srbije

Revenge against inspectors for revealing the involvement of members of military and civilian security services in the Jovanjica case continues with an orchestrated criminalization of Belgrade Police Anti-Drug Department head through the propaganda of the ruling political and security structures, said Zdenko Tomanovic, the defense attorney of inspectors Slobodan Milenkovic and Dusan Mitic.

Slobodan Milenkovic, former head of the Anti-Drug Department of the Belgrade Police, is among those responsible for uncovering the marijuana cultivation operation of the ‘Jovanjica’ plantation when over four tons of the illegal plant were confiscated.

“By focusing the public’s attention on untruths and insults, expecting broader solidarity in creating a professional and personal disqualification of the inspectors, the centers of power are inviting their supporters to all activities against those who discovered Jovanjica. By doing so, they are imposing the view that the legislation and law are not always a necessary instrument in the activities of institutions and that the inspectors’ legal actions need to be sacrificed,” Tomanovic said in a press statement.

He said the competent prosecutor’s office fails to see its jurisdiction, to protect its own credibility and raise its self-respect in the interest of the public and Serbian citizens’ serenity and to publicly support the activities of inspectors Milenkovic and Mitic on whose work the prosecutor’s office based the evidence in two indictments.

In order to protect his professional and personal dignity and honor, as well as to protect his colleagues who risked their lives by applying the law in the fight against drugs, chief Milenkovic is submitting a request to the minister and acting police director, in line with the law, for permission to address the public, Tomanovic said.

The Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs said Monday that for now it has not received Slobodan Milenkovic’s request to address the public.

The regulations clearly define the procedure for seeking approval for the appearance of police officers in the media, as well as the way in which they officially address their superiors, and that is certainly not a legal counsel’s statement forwarded to the media, said the Ministry.

“Chief Milenkovic wishes to publicly rebut all presented untruths and to present the truth and to note that the Jovanjica case is not a product of so-called frame-ups or illegal police activities, but of a partnership between a part of military and civilians security structures and individuals who, in the police officers’ opinion, are in the zone of crime,” said Tomanovic.