Cas Media channels record high market shares in May

NEWS 24.05.2022 18:12
Source: Promo

Cas Media said on Tuesday that the channels it sells advertising for had a record market share of 32.6 percent in May with the Survivor reality show on Nova S recording a share of 30 percent making it the most popular content.

TV Beat data showed that Cas Media channels had a 31.5 percent share in April with the competition holding less than half that with a 14.6 percent share. TV Beat is a specialized platform for TV statistics in real time measuring the entire viewer base to provide precise data on ratings for specific content or channels. TV Beat uses some 600,000 set box devices in the SBB network which is the main difference between what it does and the way Nielsen predicts ratings using devices in 880 TV sets across Serbia.

Cas Media sells advertising for 30 channels. It said that the finals of the EuroLeague, aired exclusively on Sport Klub, had a share of 19.6 percent.

It said that Nova S was by far the most popular commercial TV with shares of 12.96 and 12.53 percent. The Serbian state TV was the only station with a higher share while all the rest had lower shares.

Besides Survivor, Nova S has a number of popular talk shows as well as the NewsMax Adria evening news.

N1 TV’s election night special in April had a market share of 24.35 percent. The station has daily news and indepth reports with shares of between 10 and 15 percent.

The IDJ Show – a talent show focused on digital media – had 12.3 views on its YouTube channel over a space of nine weeks and its #idjshow on TickTock had 70 million views.

Cas Media also sells advertising on United Media portals:;;;,,, i According to Gemius data, those portals had a 71 percent Internet reach in Serbia with attracting 2.3 million users, 2 million and N1 1.98 million in April.

Cas Media’s portfolio is growing constantly and now numbers 30 channels providing advertisers a large number of target groups.