Car ‘procession’ through western Serbia against Rio Tinto lithium mine

NEWS 04.01.2022 19:02
Source: N1

A 150-strong car 'procession' drove along an almost 30 kilometres long road from the western village of Brezjak to the town of Krupanj on Tuesday in a protest against Rio Tinto's plan to mine lithium in the part of Serbia.

The procession aimed at pointing „once again at the devastating effects of the ‘Jadar Project,’ Mladjan Djordjevic, the head of the ‘Liberation’ organisation, said.

„Serbia won’t calm down until Rio Tinto is expelled and the moratorium bans any further exploration and excavation of lithium,“ he added.

Nebojsa Petkovic from ‘Ne Damo Jadar’ (We Don’t Give Jadar) association told N1 on Tuesday that all citizens needed to know that what was currently happening in (a village in western Serbia where Rio Tinto plans its lithium mine) Gornje Nedeljice could soon happen to the rest of Serbia.

"We have information that 72 mines are planned in Serbia, and everyone should know that some company like Rio Tinto can knock on their doors. People need to be aware," he warned.

According to Djordjevic, Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic "could be forced to retreat only by mass activities."

"Vucic promised his Western sponsors that the lithium mine would be opened, and he could not escape that promise. Lithium for him will be what the church processions were for Milo Djukanovic, Montenegro's President - the beginning of the end and the final defeat," Djordjevic said.

Ahead of elections in Montenegro, the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) organised processions in many places. Djukanovic's party lost the vote after 30 years in power.

"There are alternatives to lithium," said Zvezdan Kalmar, energy coordinator at the Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development.

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Environmentalists in Serbia has been protesting with roadblocks in December and continued on Monday.

Vucic accepted their demands regarding two controversial laws, but they said it was just a manoeuvre ahead of the April 2022 elections.

They want a total ban on lithium and other mining in Serbia as long as they are hazardous to nature and people's health.




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