Bujanovac Mayor: Kosovo-Serbia land swap would be a fair solution

NEWS 06.09.2022 13:01
Source: N1/arhiva

Bujanovac Mayor Nagip Arifi said that Kosovo and Serbia should exchange territories so that Serbia gets northern Mitrovica and Kosovo gets the Presevo Valley and that this would be a fair solution.

The Presevo Valley is a region in southern Serbia which has a large ethnic Albanian population and includes the municipalities of Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja.

Arifi said he raised the issue at the beginning of his meeting with Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi on Monday in Bujanovac but that Bislimi “did not respond and maybe he was surprised at that moment.”

“I think this is the best solution for both the Presevo Valley Albanians and for Kosovo. (Serbian) President Vucic always mentioned a compromise and he was probably thinking of something like this. However, he believes that only a part of the Presevo Valley should be given to Kosovo in return for the north, but the entire Valley should be given to Kosovo,” Arifi told the Pristina Koha.

Arifi added he was optimistic that “someday the Presevo Valley will be swapped for northern Kosovo.”