Brnabic: Ukraine war caused rise of right in Serbia

NEWS 05.04.2022 17:18
Source: N1

Outgoing Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told N1 on Tuesday that the rise of the right in Serbia was probably caused by the war in Ukraine.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on election night that the results of the April 3 elections showed that Serbia had turned to the right dramatically.

Brnabic said the right was rising in other countries as well. “We see the rise of the right in other European countries, including some European Union member states,” she added.

She expressed satisfaction with the election results. “The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has been given another term and President Aleksandar Vucic received huge support. He guarantees stability not only of Serbia but of the region. We have work to do to raise up Serbia and the region,” Brnabic told N1 in Mostar where she was attending the opening of a fair.