Brnabic: SNS won, opposition lacks morals

Source: N1

Outgoing Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Monday that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won the April 3 elections convincingly, giving it a majority in parliament and the Belgrade City Assembly, adding that the opposition is unprincipled and lacking in morals.

She told the pro-regime Happy TV that the voters in Belgrade want the SNS to remain in power. “We lost some votes in Belgrade, about 18,800 compared to the previous elections but however you look at it we won convincingly. We won some 53,000 more votes than (opposition candidate for mayor) Vladeta Jankovic, Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own, (environmental activist Aleksandar Jovanovic) Cuta, (Viola) Von Cramon combined,” she said during her 50 minute appearance which was mainly spent criticizing the opposition.

According to Brnabic, a wide-ranging opposition coalition in the Belgrade City Assembly would be “unnatural”. She said that fresh City Assembly elections would be the best way for the voters to see that the opposition is forming unprincipled coalitions with the sole aim of opposing the SNS and Vucic and winning power. Brnabic said that the opposition has no morals or principle