Brnabic says Serbia’s future depends on young people

NEWS 22.02.2022 17:31
Source: Tanjug / Vlada Repubčlike Srbije / Slobodan Miljević

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Tuesday that Serbia’s future depends on both birth rates and the conditions required to keep young people in the country.

Brnabic, who is running for parliament on the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) ticket, told a group of young people that the next Serbian government will try to double the number of people working in the IT and communications industries.

“You can’t make young people stay but you can win them over. Everyone who thinks that the 100 Euro payment will win over young people and get them to vote is actually underestimating them since only a constant rise in salaries and living standards is important,” an SNS press release quoted her as saying.

The Serbian authorities have paid 100 Euro to young people aged 16 to 30 and have promised another payment this summer in what critics say is a bid to win their loyalty prior to the elections.