Brnabic: No doubt SNS will win Belgrade repeat elections

NEWS 17.04.2022 13:41
Source: Tanjug/Strahinja Aćimović

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said Sunday that the results of the repeat elections showed the real state of affairs - that the people want Serbia to be led by Aleksandar Vucic and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), which will be able to form a government in Belgrade.

Brnabic said that the people have seen over the last 13 days who they are, that „every beast has shown its trace“ and that is why the victory of the government is even more convincing now.

„I don’t agree that the election results have to do with quarrels in the opposition, these elections had to do only with Aleksandar Vucic, and I wonder if we should have repeated what Vucic said, that the elections are not a game and that everyone will unite against Vučić and the SNS if they have a single vote more than the SNS,“ said the Prime Minister who is in her technical mandate.

Brnabic said that without any doubt, the Progressives will have a majority in Belgrade and that she would not say publicly with whom they will form a majority of at least 60 councillors.

„It is time to wait for the elections to be repeated at other polling stations and then to talk about the formation of the government. Everything that happened in the last 13 days is important, the messages sent by Aleksandar Vucic are important and the difference in Aleksandar Vucic and everyone else’s tone can be seen,“ said Brnabic.


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