Brnabic: It is not end of the world if we don’t win Belgrade elections

NEWS 09.04.2022 13:33
Source: Tanjug/ Strahinja Aćimović

Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic, who comes from the ranks of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), expressed confidence that the party will win the largest number of votes after the repeated local elections in Belgrade but added that it does not matter if it does not happen.

Ana Brnabic called the campaign of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), which is a coalition partner of the SNS, „a kind of betrayal of the team“ in the state-level elections.

Speaking about the Socialists’ election campaign, she said that they were collecting points on events in Ukraine noting that it was „not responsible“ behavior, and that the SNS lost votes because it did not behave like that or used inflammatory rhetoric, but „kept Serbia’s interest.”

She criticised the SPS partners for „consciously going to take votes at the expense of irresponsible policy that was not in line with the policy of the Government or the state, laid out by (President of Serbia and SNS leader Aleksandar) Vucic, but they were going for taking as many votes as possible in the elections.”

The SPS and its leader Ivica Dacic, who was also the speaker of the parliament in the previous convocation, clearly pointed out during the campaign that Serbia would not impose sanctions on Russia.

Brnabic also said she did not know when the new government would be formed. The only post that is directly elected by the citizens is the post of the President of Serbia, which is Vucic, while all the others are elected in the parliaments at the state or city levels, Brnabic explained.

She said that there was no pre-election agreement on the distribution of posts.

During his pre-election campaign, Ivica Dacic used the slogan 'Ivica Dacic - Prime Minister'.


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