Brnabic: Government to compensate for expropriations

NEWS 09.02.2022 19:57
Source: Vlada Srbije

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Wednesday that the government would compensate everyone whose property was expropriated during the construction of a major highway and airport.

Speaking during a meeting with people whose property was expropriated, Brnabic said that she was not informed about the problems they faced during the construction of the Milos Veliki highway, Morava corridor and Morava airport in the city of Kraljevo. A press release said that the meeting agreed to start a dialogue as the best way to solve the issue.

“The government of Serbia has an unequivocal intention that all citizens whose property is the subject of expropriation, be adequately compensated,” the press release said, adding that the government is firmly committed to fully respecting court rulings on the amount of compensation.

“The government of Serbia once again assures all citizens that all their property, which could potentially be the subject of expropriation, will be purchased at a price determined in accordance with existing regulations or at a price determined by the competent court. Serbia will continue to develop its infrastructure, but never to the detriment of citizens, their property or the preservation of the environment,” the press release said.