Brnabic: EU, regional stability Serbia’s top priorities

NEWS 28.02.2022 11:48
Source: Tanjug / Slobodan Miljević

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told the Western Balkan Investment Summit 2022 that European Union membership and regional stability are Serbia’s top priorities.

“Regional stability is our second priority, European Union membership is the first,” Brnabic told the EBRD- organized online meeting.

She said that Serbia is one of the best destinations in Europe for investors, especially in the fields of research and development and AI, adding that “the time is right to invest in Serbia”.

Brnabic said that “the level of stability in Serbia will not change” after the elections on April 3. “Serbia is doing well – the Financial Times has declared us a champion in attracting investments twice in the pst five years and our GDP dropped just 0.9 percent during the pandemic while the growth of the GDP in 2021 was 7.6 percent with record high investments of 3.9 billion Euro,” she said.

The summit brought together the prime ministers of all the countries of the region.