British professor tells N1 anti-vaxer campaigns are major problems

NEWS 07.10.2021 18:04
Dejvid Halpern
Source: N1

The head of the British Behavioural Insights Team told N1 on Thursday that anti-vaxer campaigns are among the biggest problems in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Professor David Halpern added that not all governments shared information about the pandemic with their respective public and warned that they have to share information if they want to earn the trust of the public.

Halpern urged caution with groups that have not been inoculated since some countries and parts of countries have not secured sufficient quantities of coronavirus vaccine. According to him, not everyone is an anti-vaxer, some people just had a hard time getting vaccines. He also urged openness in terms of explaining things to the public, especially the points of greatest concern.

Watch Halpern’s interview to N1’s Marija Komazec in the embedded video.