Bosnia logs 45 new coronavirus cases, 11 deaths

NEWS 08.06.2021 14:17

Bosnia and Herzegovina has reported another 45 coronavirus cases and 11 deaths, while 11 COVID-19 patients recovered from the disease, the healthcare authorities confirmed on Monday.

The new results came from 2,182 lab tests performed on the samples of those who reported the infection symptoms.

The Federation entity (FBiH) confirmed 12 new cases out of 1,537 those tested, which brings the coronavirus total in this part of the country to 133,573. To this date, 124,001 patients recovered from COVID-19 in this region and 5,391 died.

As for Republika Srpska entity (RS), its healthcare authorities confirmed 29 new cases in 476 lab tests performed over the last 24 hours. The region has so far reported the total of 64,215 cases, of which 3,737 died and 46,493 recovered from COVID-19.

Brcko district reported the total of 6,667 cases. To date, 6,209 have recovered and 332 died.