Bomb threat phoned in to police station

NEWS 17.05.2022 16:47
Source: Shutterstock

The series of bomb threats in Serbia continued on Tuesday with a warning to the central police station in the city of Kragujevac.

The state TV (RTS) said that the bomb threat was phoned in to the police headquarters in the central Serbian city.

Bomb threats were sent to almost 200 schools and public buildings in Belgrade as well as the airport in the southern City of Nis on Monday. State officials said the threats were all false and intended to disrupt everyday life and exert pressure on the authorities.

Tuesday’s bomb threat was called in at 11:30 am, forcing the evacuation of the police building. A police bomb squad did not find any explosive device.

Bomb threats were also sent to two shopping malls in Belgrade (Rajiceva and BIG Rakovica) as well as a student dorm in the Vozdovac neighborhood, the portal said.


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