Biljana Stojkovic is the Moramo coalition’s Serbian presidential candidate

NEWS 27.02.2022 15:25
Biljana Stojković
Source: N1

A professor at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Belgrade, Biljana Stojkovic, accepted the candidacy for the presidency of Serbia on behalf of the “Moramo” (We Must) coalition.

During the election rally in Gornji Nedeljice, Stojkovic said that she would do everything to respect the Constitution of Serbia and that all citizens have justice.

„I will advocate constitutional patriotism, instead of primitive nationalism that only makes us hate,“ she said.

The Skupština Slobodne Srbije (SSS) and the coalition Moramo first announce that they have proposed Biljana Stojkovic as a candidate for the presidency of Serbia.

"With her impressive professional and activist biography, honesty and commitment, Prof. Biljana Stojkovic stood out as someone who has been advocating all her life for the ideas that everyone in the SSS and the Green-Left Coalition Moramo advocate for," the statement reads.

It is added that the SSS shares all the ideas and values of the authentic green-left coalition Moramo, and that it supports the upcoming parliamentary elections with the goal of providing Serbian citizens with a decent place to live together.


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