Bilcik: Vote on Serbia report next week

NEWS 15.02.2021 14:45

European Parliament rapporteur Vladimir Bilcik MEP told N1 on Monday that the Foreign Affairs Committee will vote on his latest report on Serbia next week.

He said that the entire text of the report has been agreed, adding that the vote will take place on February 23 in two parts – first on the amendments and then on the report as a whole.

There has been no postponement of the vote in the Foreign Affairs committee; this date (Feb 23) has been known for some time now and if there was an initial change, that is only due to the technical process in the committee,” he said. Bilcik said the the Foreign Affairs Committee had one instead of the customary two slotes to vote on February 4 and could not complete the vote in two parts. “This concerned other reports as well, not only the Serbia Report,” he said.

He said that the Committee vote will be followed by a vote in the plenary. “The vote on the Serbia Report will take place on 24rd and 25th of March during the so-called „mini-plenary“ session taking place in a semi-remote regime in the European Parliament in Brussels,” he said adding that this vote will be in two parts as well.