Bilcik: Sanctions are important part of report on Serbia

NEWS 23.05.2022 16:26
Vladimir Bilčik
Source: N1

European Parliament rapporteur Vladimir Bilcik MEP said on Monday that the issue of sanctions against Russia is an important part of his report on Serbia.

Bilcik told Kosovo Online that the European Union expects every country that wants to join the EU to join in the sanctions against Russia. He said that the sanctions are important and not just symbolic. “This is an opportunity for the new Serbian parliament and government… This is an issue which will not go away but is already an important part of my report on Serbia which will be debated in June and July. Depending of what Serbia does, the language and conclusions in the report could be very different by July,” the portal quoted him as saying and adding that there is no specific date for Serbia to impos sanctions.

According to Bilcik, aligning with EU foreign policy is crucial to progress in pre-accession talks.
He said that everyone in the EU is looking at the Western Balkans. The question is whether countries are working with us to help defend us from Russian aggression because the Ukrainians are fighting for us in Europe and for the European future of the Western Balkans, he said,adding that Serbia has an opportunity to become the European leader in the region but has to make some important choices in terms of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and in terms of standing shoulder to shoulder with the EU on the Russian aggression.