Bilcik: Police banned route not parade

NEWS 14.09.2022 13:41
Source: N1

European Parliament rapporteur Vladimir Bilcik told N1 on Wednesday that he sees a light at the end of the tunnel following the ban on the planned EuroPride parade.

The decision was to ban the route of the parade and I have tried to explain that to fellow MEPs who want to take part in the pride parade – the route is banned not the parade, he said.

According to him, the good news is that the anti-pride protest has also been banned. Pride week continues with a number of events and the only remaining question is the route of Saturday’s parade, he said.

Bilcik said he is planning to be in Belgrade on Saturday along with a number of MEPs, European Commission officials and others from European Union institutions. This is not an event in Serbia alone, this is the first EuroPride in southeastern Europe and the Western Balkans and an opportunity for Serbia to show that it is a state committed to protecting European values and celebrating diversity, he said and warned that time is running out to find a solution.